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Les tilbakemeldinger fra kurs med 1:1 coaching.

Sverre Zendo Erikesen -  Life Coach

“My coaching experience with Linn Angell was felt deeply and filled with love. I experienced to connect with underlaying patterns (and clearing of) limitations in my own life. I throughly recommend Linn as a energy worker, with her direct and powerful approach, but at the same time, she's humble and grounded in her way of working".

Stine Sandnes - kursdeltaker

Tusen takk igjen for en nydelig og forløsende dag på Engle retreat! Jeg har fått veldig mye veiledning, støtte, og trøst fra deg og englene. Jeg er veldig veldig  taknemlig! jeg har forsøkt og følge rådene så godt jeg kan og føler virkelig at det har gitt meg retning. Tusen takk igjen".

Torger Hoel - Nordic Healing

“Since I connected with Linn in 2010, we've had several insightfull conversations. Linn has a strong gift. The answers and advice I receive from Linn can reach far out from my expectations and even understanding at the time. However, she triggers deep insights, and when the understanding comes to me after our conversations, everything falls into place. Linn is an incredibly gifted shamanic coach, and I highly recomend her. She has the ability to "see" what no one else sees, and she has meant a whole lot for me and my development the last 10 years".

Chris Lamain - Kursdeltaker

“I took both the Indigo Coaching Youth and the Indigo Facilitator Program Courses and they were really great. It is not the typical course where we just follow instructions, rather 80% of the courses are inspired through activations and downloads to awake our own path and our own Indigo self that was repressed so we can in turn support the Indigo children without bringing our distortions into their world because those are healed during the activations. Linn's sessions are also a big help to clear or heal something that was left unseen and get us started on our path in supporting the little ones and their gifts that need to be nurtured. Thank you for

these great courses!"

Henriette Lien - Yoga teacher

"Linn's ability to work on energetic blockages and old karma has given me an enormous insight in me and everything around me beyond what I expected and understood when I started working with her. More and more things are now falling into place without so much effort and struggle, and I am more at peace. I highly recommend Linn as a energy worker". 

Marianne Brudevoll - Spiritual Coach

“Dear Linn, thank you from my heart for wonderful coaching yesterday. I now feel that my energy is sealed with Love, and that gives me strenght and power. The Rose Coaching course and session resulted in 2 wonderful conversations with my husband. It was a relief to work on something so dark and to bring it into the Light during the Session. Not many people are able to support that way, like you did. Thank you soooo much".

"Legg til et sitat. Kanskje det er en melding fra grunnleggeren eller noe som gjenspeiler merkevarens karakter. Klikk for å redigere og legge til."

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